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Here you will find details of our programme of birdwatching tours which we hope will be of interest.  We have tried to make our website as clear and as easy to navigate around as possible, with all the information you will need about each tour available on the relevant page.

If you have any questions about our tours, or Sunbird in general, please call us on 01767 262522, or email 

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We take time to explore some of the fascinating culture on our tour along the Silk Road. Here the group visits the Bibi Khanum mosque in Samarkand.

Forthcoming Tours

We still have spaces on the following:

Portugal: 15 - 21 April

Lesvos: 17 - 25 April

Spain: 25 April - 7 May

Turkey: 1 - 17 May

Minnesota & North Dakota: 
7 - 15 June

Ecuador - Napo Wildlife Centre:
25 June - 4 July

Iceland: 4 - 13 July

China, Lhasa & the Tibetan Plateau:
8 - 22 August

Georgia: 27 August - 4 September

Romania: 28 August - 6 September

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Estonia 10-13 March

Few places in Europe can match Estonia’s amazing birdlife at almost any time of year. Although well known for its spring birding and as an amazing place to witness spring and autumn migration, it is now acquiring a reputation for some superb winter birding. In particular it is the most important wintering area for Steller’s Eider, Europe’s most endangered seaduck. This is also a great time for Hawk Owls, an uncommon but regular winter visitor in Estonia, where it joins a mouth-watering selection of other owls.


Spain 25 April - 7 May

There is no other Mediterranean country that offers such a wealth of birdwatching as Spain and this comprehensive tour is designed to take in the very best birdwatching the country can provide. We’ll travel almost the entire length of this fascinating land, beginning with the extensive wetlands surrounding the old town of Jerez before moving on to the famous Coto Doñana to look for its equally famous birds and then visiting Extremadura, home to the highest concentration of raptors in Europe, in addition to bustards and sandgrouse. From there we’ll make our first visit to the mountains, where Bluethroats and Rock Thrush sing from extensive golden stands of broom, before venturing into the open steppe habitats of northern Spain that are home to a suite of special birds including the elusive Dupont’s Lark, ending our tour amidst the splendour of the forests and limestone crags of the Picos de Europa.
Azure-winged Magpie in Spain

Taiwan 18 April - 1 May

Taiwan boasts an impressive array of endemic species such as Taiwan Yuhina, White-collared Bush Robin, White-eared Sibia and Steere’s Liocichla.

Endemic birds are not all that Taiwan has to offer. The island is the winter home of the bulk of the tiny world population of Black-faced Spoonbill and we expect to see a few lingering birds. The tour’s timing, at the height of the northbound spring migration, means that we’re sure to see a decent number of East Asian migrants. We also stand a good chance of seeing that most elusive of Asian birds, Fairy Pitta.


Georgia 24 April-2 May

This exciting tour will take you to one of the most mysterious, unique and scenic countries in the Western Palearctic, where you will see some of its most sought after and rarely seen birds, such as this stunning Great Rosefinch, and Caucasian Snowcock, Caucasian Black Grouse, and Güldenstadt’s Redstart.

Belarus 25 April - 3 May

One of the best places in Eastern Europe to see Azure Tit, Belarus has a lot to offer, including Great Snipe and Aquatic Warbler.


Lesvos 17-25 April

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of birding on Lesvos is the volume of migration and the variety of species, which at its height is quite spectacular and all the more impressive for the splendid unspoilt surroundings.  Every spring produces its own mix of species and includes one or two unexpected rarities.

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