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Welcome to our website

Here you will find details of our programme of birdwatching tours which we hope will be of interest.  We have tried to make our website as clear and as easy to navigate around as possible, with all the information you will need about each tour available on the relevant page.

If you have any questions about our tours, or Sunbird in general, please call us on 01767 262522, or email 

We look forward to travelling with you. Steve Rooke 

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A Whiskered Screech-Owl, a common owl in the pine-oak on Arizona: Owls and Warblers.

Forthcoming Tours

We still have spaces on the following:  

Romania: 18 - 27 August

Georgia - Batumi Migration:
26 August - 3 September

South Africa - Kalahari to the Cape:
3 - 18 September

Namibia: 16 - 29 October

Ethiopia: 25 October - 12 November

Cuba: 27 October - 8 November

India (Goa): 5 - 20 November

West India: 20 November - 4 December

Peru Photo tour (Hummingbirds): 24 November - 6/9 December


What's New

The Referendum and Exchange Rates

You will all be aware that exchange rates have gone into free-fall since the UK referendum. Many of our tours have large US Dollar elements and some of these tours had already been priced before that referendum. Rather than re-price these tours at the current, post-referendum, exchange rates, we are leaving things as they are for the time being in the hope that sterling recovers against both the US Dollar and the Euro, and we will review each tour closer to the time that we send out the final invoice.

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NEW TOUR: USA Oregon: Birds and a Total Eclipse of the Sun  17 - 25/27 August with Rich Hoyer

Following the success of our previous birds and eclipse tours, we are offering a special tour to coincide with the total eclispe of the sun in Oregon, USA in 2017. Oregon will be a great place to witness an eclipse as the skies are almost always clear this time of year, and we’ll be in one of the most light pollution-free areas in North America, and in a setting of incomparable beauty. During this full week of birding we’ll start in Portland and move eastward into the rain shadow of the Cascades where one finds beautiful, diverse coniferous forests and a desert-like shrub-steppe with endless vistas of sagebrush, vast canyons, and immense fault-block mountains. We’ll bird the Blue Mountains, Wallowa Mountains, and end up amongs isolated lakes and marshes in the northern Great Basin at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.  This group is restricted to just 7 participants so early booking is advised.



NEW TOUR: Western Sahara - In Search of the Golden Nightjar April 12 - 19 2017

Former Sunbird leader Dan Brown will be returning to lead this short tour to the southern regions of the Western Palearctic.  Dan was part of a team that found singing Golden Nightjars there this year and while this mythical species will be the focus of our attention, there will be lots more to look for.


India, the Northwest: Gujarat and the Rann of Kutch: 20 November - 4 December 2016

The enigmatic Grey Hypocolius is one of the stars of this tour.

Gujarat, in extreme northwestern India, is ornithologically one of the subcontinent’s richest and yet least well-known areas. The home of Blackbuck, Asian Wild Ass and Asiatic Lion, the avifauna of this region is arguably on a par with India’s other famous birding locations. Huge mixed flocks of flamingos, pelicans, waterfowl, waders as diverse as Crab Plovers and Sociable Lapwings, gulls and terns will vie for our attention alongside desert specialities such as Great Indian and Macqueen’s Bustard, Grey Hypocolius, White-browed Bushchat and Asian Desert Warbler while regional specialities like White-bellied Minivet and White-naped Tit will add extra spice to our birding. Your leader is Paul Holt who has led a staggering number of tours on the sub-continent - around 70 at the last count!

An Asiatic Lion in Gir National Park


Photographic Tours

Our programme of Photographic tours goes from strength to strength with the addition of a new destination, the Central American country of Honduras. This nine day, two-centre tour starts off with a visit to the ancient Mayan city of Copán before we spend the baulk of our time at the wonderfully appointed Pico Bonito Lodge, where this aptly-named Lovely Cotinga (above) is a regular visitor. We also hope to photograph the country’s only endemic hummingbird, the smart Honduran Emerald. The dates are 10 - 18 February 2017 with Stuart Elsom leading, and full details can be found here.

Photographic tours currently on offer are:

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