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Welcome to our website

Here you will find details of our programme of birdwatching tours which we hope will be of interest.  We have tried to make our website as clear and as easy to navigate around as possible, with all the information you will need about each tour available on the relevant page.

If you have any questions about our tours, or Sunbird in general, please call us on 01767 262522, or email 

We look forward to travelling with you. Steve Rooke  

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Puerto Rican Tody is a charming and common endemic on Gavin Bieber’s tour to Puerto Rico.  

Forthcoming Tours

We still have spaces on the following:

Ghana: 28 Nov. - 12 December

New Zealand: 8 - 23 February

Ecuador - Mindo & NW Andes: 
6 - 14 February

Ecuador - East Andes:
15 - 22 February

Ecuador - Amazon Lowlands:
23 February - 3 March

Venezuela - Tepuis:

24 February - 6 March

Venezuela - Andes & Llanos:
4 - 19 March 

Cuba: 3 - 15 March

Israel: 1 - 11 April

What's New

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NEW TOUR   United Arab Emirates
24 - 31 January 2016

Sun, sand and serious winter birding – the United Arab Emirates has it all! A mid winter trip to this safe, accessible Middle Eastern country offers a mouth-watering selection of birds that includes such iconic species as Crab-plover (pictured above) and Pallas’s Gull, alongside other species whose ranges make them very difficult to connect with elsewhere, such as Plain Leaf Warbler and Variable Wheatear.  Situated at the southeastern corner of the Arabian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates is located at a key migration crossroads and the country’s varied landscape of mountains, deserts, and coastal mudflats supports over 400 species of bird, of which 330 are migrants from Central Asia and Siberia. James Lidster and Nick Moran are leaders.


Photographic Tours

How would you like to take a photo like this one – a superb image of a Red-footed Falcon. Well by joining one of our new photographic tours, you can. This particular shot was taken by Stuart Elsom in Hungary while he was scouting one of our new tours, all of which are designed for both beginners and more experienced photographers alike. They run to a more flexible itinerary than one of our straightforward birdwatching tours, and we do not try to obtain snaps of a long list of species but rather concentrate on obtaining stunning images of the wildlife we encounter.  This may often mean we spend long periods with just a few subjects. 

All photographic tours are accompanied by Stuart Elsom LRPS, who was awarded a Royal Photographic Society Distinction in 2011. Stuart, who delivers training on nature photography and bird identification for The Royal Society of Biology, will be on hand throughout the tour to offer group or one to one tuition on all aspects of wildlife photography. 

Sunbird Photographic Tours are also suitable for non-photographers or for those who require a more relaxed pace and less rigid itinerary and they will include evening sessions on photographic techniques or image critique workshops, which are of course optional. If you have any queries about any aspect of our Photographic Tours please contact the Sunbird Office.


Estonia in Spring
2 - 9 May

Great Snipe - one of many special birds in Estonia.

Tucked away in a forgotten corner of the Baltic Sea, Estonia is a fairytale land of extensive forest, wild bogs, and ancient grasslands all braided together by an amazing number of rivers flowing down to a coastline fringed with around 1000 islands.  Needless to say this wonderful mosaic of ancient habitats is alive with birds and Estonia is one of Europe’s premier birdwatching destinations. 

Although the country has developed quickly since its independence, an enlightened series of protective measures has ensured that many species in decline in Western Europe have increased in Estonia and birds such as Common Crane and White Stork are an inseparable part of the Estonian landscape alongside specialities such as Capercaillie, Corncrake, Great Snipe, White-backed and Grey-headed Woodpeckers and Citrine Wagtail. Equally significant as the breeding birds is the incredible spring migration.  In early May, hundreds of thousands of geese, scoters, Long-tailed Ducks, divers and waders depart their wintering grounds around the North Sea for their rich Arctic breeding grounds and can be found streaming along the coast of Estonia, providing one of Europe’s greatest migration spectacles.    

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